Please take a look inside the legendary Nikon F2

When the  first  Nikon F was  introduced  in 1959  a  new  era  took  its  beginning.  Professional photographers got in their hands a 35mm SLR camera of very high quality and durability.
The Nikon F had a bayonet for interchangable lenses which still is up to date 4 decenniums later on. The camera was designed with the possibility of interchangable viewfinders and lightmeters  as well as a motor-drive and a lot of usefull accessories.
In 1971  the  Nikon F  was followed by the  Nikon F2.  In many  ways the  construction of  both cameras was similar, but the Nikon F2 got a more rounded shape, a faster shutter and many other advances.  Also the  complete new-designed  optional  motor-drive  MD-1  was strong,  fast and durable.
As you  can see on the pictures,  each part of the  camera was  produced  with an  excellent finish.
Even to day you can use the Nikon F2 as a professional tool:
The bayonet of the camera fits even the most modern AF-S Nikkor lenses. 

The body without frontplate and mirrorbox

The shuttercurtain-drum

The shuttercurtain-axles

The shuttermechanism seen from upside

The shuttermechanism seen from downside

The governor for slow shuttertimes from 1/60 to 1 sec.

The selftimer

The shuttertime-control

The winding-plate seen from downside

The Photomic DP-1
This Nikon F2 has been used by a professional photographer for nearly 30 years. He has dropped the camera several times and he has exposed it to dirt and water.  But the Nikon F2 still works!!
And it can still be repaired. But if repair should be necessary, don´t try to do it your self. Giv the camera in the hands of an authorized repair-shop.

Nikon brochures from the seventies